An Experience that just Makes Sense – HTC

HTC product development

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The HTC brand with its innovative smartphones has, during the last year or two, grown massively in reputation and sales and has made a positive impression on me. There are many brands that have succeeded and exceeded in these last few years, but this specific brand with some of its products has brought something new and innovative to an already defined market. Continue reading

Always CocaCola?

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Coca Cola (henceforth CC) is the most recognisable brand name in the world; with further accolades for the company including owning 4 of the world’s top 5 brands, and currently operating in just over 200 countries. CC has faced market stagnation and in some countries, and even a decline in market share in the North American market. The consumer needs in these developed nations have been changing; further, these markets have become very saturated  and possess low growth prospects; thus leaving the existing incumbent companies and any others that enter the market to fight for small scraps of market share. Statically, ‘40,000 new consumer package goods are introduced into the United States each year.’This is further emphasised by Vanilla Coke having been launched in 30 countries only 1 year after initially launching in the US. Therefore, indicating exactly how crowded the markets in developed countries are. Continue reading

Tablet Wars

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In order to make a relevant comparison between two very similar products, and regarding all the recent controversies between Apple and Samsung, I have chosen to talk about the two latest tablets launched by both competitors.

I have chosen to talk about the iPad2 which has been well received by consumers; and compare this product’s sales performance with that of the Samsung galaxy tab 10.1.

Before we start to study the details of each company and their respective product on the market, it is important to identify that both products are technologically similar. This means that theoretically, if these two products were given to a user without any context and environment, this user could get the same satisfaction from either product. It seems evident that the iPad2 has over performed in comparison to Samsung’s tablet. The aim is to understand firstly, why the iPad2 has had so much success in the current market; and secondly, why the galaxy tab, a similar product, has been so commercially dismal. Continue reading

A King’s Tale

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Burger King (henceforth BK), is the second largest fast food hamburger restaurant in the world with strong brand equity. Its growth model is not capital intensive, since 90% of its restaurants are owned by franchisees. All in all, the company has strong financial performance. On the other hand, the company is heavily concentrated in the US; about 65% of operations take place in one market, which means that it is heavily depended on this large market. Continue reading

Disruptive Innovation: The Engine of Bakrie Telecom

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To create a better life for Indonesians by providing them information connectivity”

Bakrie Telecom (BTEL) is the fourth largest and the fastest growing telecommunication company in Indonesia. Its innovative brands include: Esia, Wifone, Wimode, EsiaTel and SLI Hemat 009. BTEL drives its vision through the concept of disruptive innovation. But what is disruptive innovation? It is an attempt to gain competitive advantages over competitors by introducing new products, services and technologies, or targeting a smaller market. It enables groups of consumers to access a product or service that had previously only been accessible to consumers with higher income levels. In 2004, BTEL has 130.000 customers and now it has almost 13 million customers across Indonesia. So the main question is: How does Bakrie Telecom employ the disruptive innovation concept in its business? Continue reading

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Fails to Impress

In November 2010, to respond to the growing popularity of the iPhone, Microsoft announced its new mobile operating system (OS), Windows Phone 7. The lack of innovation behind this product disappointed technology adepts. With this unimpressive and undifferentiated product, Microsoft substantially reduced its chances of reaching considerable market share in the mobile arena. Continue reading

Flush & Go! Why Will the Aqua Tube Be a Success?

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It may be a bit funny and unusual, but the Aqua Tube is the first and only toilet tube that you can dispose of in the toilet. Once the toilet roll is empty, the only thing to do is to throw the biodegradable tube in the water of the toilet.

Launched in 2011, and produced by Georgia-Pacific Liability Limited Company, the Aqua Tube is a very easy-to-use product. To dispose of it, the tube simply has to been thrown into the toilet in order to disintegrate immediately when you flush. You can use it everywhere, it is made of simple toilet paper and so, only needs water to dissolve. It therefore helps to keep the bathroom clean and tidy at all times as no more cores will be left on the floor.

Continue reading