Flush & Go! Why Will the Aqua Tube Be a Success?

Photo by scelera

It may be a bit funny and unusual, but the Aqua Tube is the first and only toilet tube that you can dispose of in the toilet. Once the toilet roll is empty, the only thing to do is to throw the biodegradable tube in the water of the toilet.

Launched in 2011, and produced by Georgia-Pacific Liability Limited Company, the Aqua Tube is a very easy-to-use product. To dispose of it, the tube simply has to been thrown into the toilet in order to disintegrate immediately when you flush. You can use it everywhere, it is made of simple toilet paper and so, only needs water to dissolve. It therefore helps to keep the bathroom clean and tidy at all times as no more cores will be left on the floor.

In my opinion, it is a product that will be very successful in the future.

3 key-ideas that will lead the Aqua Tube to success:

A breakthrough revolution: This new product is a revolution in the hygiene field and could be very successful. It has managed to create something which did not exist before, and the company holds a patent for it. The consumer can, from now on, choose either to flush the tube in the toilet, or to recycle it; rather than simply throwing it away in the dustbin or keeping it for ages in the restroom.

A growing industry: The toilet paper industry is very important and fast-growing; representing US$ 37,640.4 million in 2010. Basically, we can say that everyone in developed countries has access to toilet paper and uses it every day.

A real demand: First of all, being able to throw the empty tube in the toilet would simply be easier for everyone in a family. It also has in itself an element of “fun” that should not be forgotten. Research led by the company also indicates that due to this new option people are more willing to be more environmentally friendly. Before the introduction of the product, only 52% of consumers directly recycled the tubes, 18% of them threw them in the normal dustbin, and 30% of them left the duty for the following person.

To conclude, I think this breakthrough, innovative product will be a success. Everyone in the developed world (except in some Asian countries) uses toilet paper, and the interest for protecting the environment is growing worldwide. In my opinion, the Aqua Tube can be reduced to three words that define it and its future success: practicality, smartness and exclusivity. These features exactly answer people’s needs and wants with a price that is still comparable to competitor products. The brand and the company will benefit from it and, hopefully, will achieve great things thanks to it.

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