An Experience that just Makes Sense – HTC

HTC product development

Photo by Snapeveverything

The HTC brand with its innovative smartphones has, during the last year or two, grown massively in reputation and sales and has made a positive impression on me. There are many brands that have succeeded and exceeded in these last few years, but this specific brand with some of its products has brought something new and innovative to an already defined market.

Company information – HTC Corporation (High Tech Computer Corporation)

The Taiwanese company was established in 1997 by Cher Wang, Peter Chou and TC Cho. By 1998 they were already designing some of the world’s first touch and handheld devices. They invested a lot of money in their R&D department and set no limits on innovation. In 2005, the company started developing mobile phones with both 3G and GPS capabilities which later led to a collaborative business approach with Microsoft, Qualcomm and Google and the development of the Android system. The Android system is based on an open source platform which is competing against other platforms used by companies such as: Apple, Nokia, Samsung and HP.

The company seems to better understand the desires and requirements of different people through launching a diverse series of smartphones to different groups of people all around the world. The launch of HTC sense, as well as the launch of the world’s first 4G Android phone HTC EVO 4G took the company to new levels and it is now a brand to be reckoned with. They personally state that this phone represents “HTC’s commitment to always deliver the best user experience with blazing-fast internet and super intuitive HTC Sense.” It has all the features that today’s customer demands: good quality camera with flash, big touch screen, HDMI and USB input, email, Facebook, calendar, internet directly linked to your phone and so on.

Reasons for success

Promotion and acknowledging customer needs are two of the many factors that are going to determine the success or failure for certain products.

The success indicators for why the HTC brand has succeeded with their most recent products are many. First of all, they invested a lot of money in their Research & Development department and set no limits on the innovations. They gained great knowledge in the smartphone and touch-screen field very early on which also made them understand the importance of 3G and GPS capabilities at an early stage.

Secondly, they entered into collaboration with big companies such as Microsoft and Google, which helped them gain high brand recognition, exchange valuable knowledge and investigate new ways of entering the smartphone market.

Thirdly, due to their cooperation with these large, successful organisations they rapidly accelerated the internationalisation process which led to the development of the open source platform called Android. This platform helped the HTC recognise that every smartphone customer had different cross-cultural needs and the platform made it easier for the customers to interact with, and design their own formats within their own smartphones which actually gave better feedback to the company when it came to improvements and generated higher customer satisfaction.

The fourth success factor is the way HTC promoted themselves through different promotion channels. Not only through the collaboration with the global brands Google and Microsoft, but also through regional market agreements with the large mobile operators in different countries. The operators had specific and localised marketing for their customers’ needs due to the cultural differences in taste and habits. The operators also made it possible for HTC to sell their smartphones through exclusive deals and sometimes even include their phones in certain mobile phone contracts without lowering their original price.

Last but not least, is their unique and innovative design. At first, since Apple (one of their main competitors) had raised the desire for smartphones in the mobile phone market; they made it easy and possible for HTC to play on their “flaws” and their customer feedback to come up with unique solutions, product differentiations and pioneering products. Later, new product development process (NPD) with the designs and innovations just kept on evolving through the feedback and availability to measure their customer needs through Android.

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