Facebook and the Big Fat IPO

Here are some impressive numbers on Facebook’s announced IPO in 2012. Is it overvalued? Would Facebook’s business model, founded on advertising revenue, be enough to satisfy the fat cats of Wall Street? What is sure is that the Facebook phenomenon is massive and still growing and that this IPO will make Mark Zuckerberg rich, very rich! Continue reading

Getting a Job in France

While I am getting closer to get my Masters Degree in Grenoble Graduate School of Business, I am becoming more focused on finding a Job. Due to lack of opportunities and expertise in my country of origin, Lebanon, my aim is turning towards European countries, France specifically. This is because, firstly I speak the language and secondly, it’s the land of multinationals!
In this paper I will try to identify and calculate the likelihood, or the probability, for me to get a job in France. The number I will come up with in the end is not based on true facts; it only takes into consideration assumptions that I will personally consider throughout the Process. Continue reading

Cornelli: “I LiiiKE IT” – How they Marketed their Product!

Companies spend huge amounts of money on launching new products. An effective product launch can be a strong force for a product to succeed or fail in the marketplace. A powerful start is a key factor for a successful future, and for building a Brand name. But, how best to build a solid long-term brand awareness? What are the parameters that determine the success or failure of a new product? Continue reading

GENERATION Y – How Digital Natives Challenge Their Future Employers

In the upcoming years more and more students will graduate from university which have never known a world without the internet. This generation –my generation- which is commonly referred to as the ‘Digital Natives’, ‘Millennials’ or ‘Generation Y’ appear to perceive the world from a completely different angle. Since many of them experienced technology from their very early childhood as an integral part of their lives, we apparently approach digital communication, consumption, learning and working very differently. Continue reading

Video: “An innovator is one who does not know it cannot be done.” – R.A. Mashelkar

Ghandinian Innovation or Frugal Innovation guru R.A. Mashelkar presents a talk on TED on three ultra-low-cost designs from India that brought high-end products to the availability of the masses. Society is in dire need of such business development practices. This “convex lens leadership” vision could be implemented on a global scale if labor costs are kept low and the work environment is modernized and promotes ingenuity.

The Education Revolution? It’s in the Game!

A growing industry

Happy Birthday!!! The video game is 50 years-old, and according to DFC Intelligence , in 2015 the industry is estimated to be valued at around $70.1 billion. The industry already surpasses Hollywood and its audience keeps increasing . Almost everyone tends to play, or has been affected by, video games; and is popular in both genders (males: 58%, female: 42%) and ages . The last Call of Duty by Activision Blizzard, a real blockbuster game, grossed $1 billion faster than Avatar! Released November 8, 2011, it achieved it in only 16 days whereas Avatar reached the symbolic number in…17 days . Continue reading