Please tell me how to promote my own business through the internet!?!

Nowadays, it’s very easy to create a company; there are different legal statuses depending on size, turnover, the country you operate in…etc.

To that end, a lot of people have good business ideas but do not want to take the risk to invest in it, or, more generally, do not have any budget to allocate to it. Consequently, a lot of business opportunities are missed. The idea of this article is to present some convenient ways and some tips to reach customers through the internet; and in so doing investing almost nothing.

To do so, you basically need a proper website, and you need to make it visible to each lambda user potentially interested in your products or services. To install it you need to rent a hosting slot on a server, usually, you can rent one, with costs starting from 3€ a month or even get it for free if you accept to put a pop-up on your main page. Regarding the website, there exists a broad array of very interesting Opensource platforms that can be installed for free. Depending on the complexity of your website and the functionalities you want to include in it; you can either decide to install Joomla or WordPress.

Joomla is a bit complicated to understand at the beginning but it offers a huge amount of functionalities. You can download various templates (free or buyable) on several websites in order to change your website design and functionalities; proposes very interesting and advanced ones. After just a few hours spent on the tool, you will be able to edit and create pages on your website; for people who are interested, there are tons of tutorials available on the internet.

WordPress, was originally a platform exclusively designed for blogs. Nevertheless, more and more developers propose some very professional templates for websites. This tool is very easy to use; you can install it and create pages very intuitively. When the platform is installed, there are different things to take into account: the content, the keywords of your pages, the domain name and the visibility of your site on search engines are the most important success factors of your company’s communication through the internet.

The keywords of the pages, called meta-tags have to define their content in a relevant way. They are used by search engines to rank the pages. Those tags are not as important as before since within the pages, Google prioritises the importance of the text, the themes and the lexical fields of used words.

The domain name is very strategic because it represents your company’s identity and is the first thing any user sees on the search engine. It usually has to be short; less than three words, separated with comas, underscores or dashes. It has to be available as well; you can check the availability of the desired domain name on several websites dedicated to it.

The website is now hosted, has a domain name and is composed of relevant texts; we have to increase its visibility on search engines. In Europe, 80% of internet users are using Google. It consequently seems relevant to focus on positioning our website on this platform. There is no secret to get your website well ranked on Google since they regularly change their algorithms. Nevertheless, here are some useful tips. Considering that the meta-tags, the domain name and the content of your website are relevantly chosen; it exists other ways to improve your ranking. First of all, create a video, host it on Youtube and link it to your website. Youtube belongs to Google and the search engine takes into account the link exchange between the platform and your website. Moreover, it’s strongly recommended to add your business address on Google maps; you will be able to define keywords related to you business and to add you website address.

Finally, a very important thing to take into account is the link exchange between your website and the other websites. The easiest way to do it is registering your websites on web directories; it consists in registering your address on it and in exchange adding on your website a link to the directory. On the directory, you usually have to describe your activities on an information page and here is the trap; never copy and paste the same description, always write the same thing, but in a different way. If Google’s bots discover the same description on two different platforms, this will negatively affect your ranking.

In order to complete the web communication plan we will now spread the information through social networks. Facebook is a very powerful tool and a very interesting platform to share information and spread it. Create a page describing your activities, post a link to it on your friends’ wall and ask them to post it on their friends’ wall. This way, you will gain considerable visibility. Try to find groups related to your activities and participate. In order to make the buzz you can create a “like” campaign; in other words, create a poster, share it and reward the guy who gets the most like on this poster on his profile. The reward can be anything but should be attractive.
Do not forget forums, the more you participate in specialised ones, the more you will gain credibility. Try to promote your expertise through this platform too.

In conclusion, we can see that there are a lot of cheap ways to promote your activities. All information you need are available on the internet (forums, tutorials…etc). So if you still want to create your own business and you have time; it’s cheap to promote it so go for  it!

Photos by Kayveeinc & Jorge Diaz

2 thoughts on “Please tell me how to promote my own business through the internet!?!

  1. Hi! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give
    a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading your
    posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums
    that cover the same topics? Thank you!

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