Why Invest In Armenia?

Author and Contributor

Armand Magharian

123634After earning the Masters Degree, most of the students ask themselves the same questions: What is the next step? Where should I apply? Should I work in a multinational company? Should I start my own Business? Where is the place that suits best my new business?

Well, Republic of Armenia, located is Eastern Europe, could be one of the interesting places to invest in. One of the most motivating things is that “the investment and trade policies of Armenia are considered to be the most open in the “CIS” (Commonwealth of Independent States) by international organizations.”

In addition by law, foreign companies are entitled to the same treatment as the Armenian companies in order to facilitate their job. Armenia was ranked 28th ahead of countries such as Austria, France, Portugal, and Italy in the Index of Economic Freedom (year 2008). Finally, it is important to say that the average of the inflation rate was less than 6% in the last six years.

Wish you good luck!

2 thoughts on “Why Invest In Armenia?

  1. Do you have any successful investment experiences to share with us ?
    Please could you tell us more What about the different markets in Armenia? or
    Which sectors are specially boosted In Armenia? How could they attract fund raising , ventures..startupers

    • Personally, I don’t have any investment experience in Armenia. But I should say that the investments in Armenia are growing, especially after the decision that was taken by the Armenian Government to give Armenian Passports for those who have Armenian roots. We all know about the Armenian diaspora, and a lot of Armenians worldwide have a very high potential for investments.
      One of the best sectors to invest in Armenia is the “Pharmaceutical and Chemical” Industry. Over the past five years, the exports of Pharmaceutical Products had an annual growth rate of 50%.
      The European Union and Armenia confirmed their joint commitment to enhance and deepen their cooperation in all areas possible and compatible with Armenia’s new international obligations.(Foreign Affairs Council, 19th of January 2015).
      Thus, we can see that the high cooperation between the Armenian government and EU on one hand, and the Armenian government and USA on the other will definitely increase the FDI (Foreign Direct investments).
      Maybe its a dream, but in my point of view Armenia will become one day the best country to invest in. When you see Armenian Pioneers everywhere in the world, you can visualise what Armenians can one day do IN THEIR HOMELAND.

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