China, an ideal place to invest or not?


By Author and Contributor

Guo Li

Since 1978, when the previous Chinese prime minister – Deng Xiaoping initiated and leaded an economic reform, which is called an “open door” policy, from a planned economy to a market economy, China has begun a series of reforms and changes and has made miracle achievements in economic development. Ever since 2013, China has already become the world’s largest trading country and today “Made in China” products can be easily spotted in every corner of the world. China is playing more and more an important role in the global economy. Continue reading

The outcomes of the “fight” between Taobao and SAIC


By Author and Contributor

Shasha Zhang

After one-week lasted ‘fight’ between State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) and Taobao (the largest e-commerce platform in China), the event finally walked into the “shake hands” stage. However, this heating debated event indeed led to some significant consequence both for SAIC and Alibaba. Continue reading

India, country of progress

flag12345By author and contributor

Andrés Mauricio Caicedo

“I leave India with a profound admiration for the remarkable development gains this country has achieved in recent decades. India´s experience holds valuable lessons for the World Bank Group and for countries around the world.”
Jim Yong Kim,
World Bank Group president March 2013

India has the potential to become one of the strongest economies in the world. Continue reading

Coca-Cola’s jump into the milk market


By Author and Contributor

Jascha Romanski

The demand for sweetened soft drinks is steadily decreasing. Therefore, soft drinks companies have to come up with something new. While Pepsi is very successful in selling snacks, Coca Cola ventures into uncharted territory: milk. Continue reading