Blizzard Entertainment – The Wisest Storm

Worth USD $65bn, and growing faster than the movie industry, the video game segment has one of the biggest impacts on today’s popular culture (Janson, 2011). In this article, we will have a look on Blizzard Entertainment, one of the innovative publishers that released games which played major roles for the notoriety of this business as well as defining its future path. We will assess how the company makes the correct strategic decision by creating a sustainable growth and relationship with their customers. We will mostly discuss its World of Warcraft (referred as WoW later on) game as it makes 1/3rd of Activison Blizzard’s total revenues (Miller, 2012).

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The Education Revolution? It’s in the Game!

A growing industry

Happy Birthday!!! The video game is 50 years-old, and according to DFC Intelligence , in 2015 the industry is estimated to be valued at around $70.1 billion. The industry already surpasses Hollywood and its audience keeps increasing . Almost everyone tends to play, or has been affected by, video games; and is popular in both genders (males: 58%, female: 42%) and ages . The last Call of Duty by Activision Blizzard, a real blockbuster game, grossed $1 billion faster than Avatar! Released November 8, 2011, it achieved it in only 16 days whereas Avatar reached the symbolic number in…17 days . Continue reading

A fresh & juicy BooOoomerang

Product launch in emerging markets

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Have you ever drunk a fresh and tasty fruit drink from “Our Juice”, one of the brands of the company Vitmarks? What about “Minute Maid” then? No grudge born. Dear reader, you probably do not know that the first company quoted which only operates in the developing world, mostly domestically in Ukraine whereas Minute Maid is one of the leading juice manufacturers, with powerful resources at hand. This article will depict how the developing world is now the place to be in order to develop innovative solutions, responding to both the world’s needs through a “boomerang effect”. This effect will be emphasised thanks to two companies that upon closer analysis. Continue reading