Election Day in Moscow

March 4, 2012

Putin or no Putin, that is (not) the question.

Our first day in Russia was marked by the presidential elections. Even though this is only the first round, the entire city is watching and waiting for the results. Tonight some of us will be present near Red Square to watch this historical event unfold. Military and police forces are going to be omnipresent to ensure a safe celebration/protest. We visited the famous Red Square and the colorful St. Basil’s Cathedral. It is definitely more impressive than on a picture. Some mates went to get a hot chocolate from Café Pushkin to see what the hype is all about – turned out to be pretty delicious.

We’re waiting for the results and we’ll be at the heart of the action to capture the event in picture. We hope to make it back on time tonight.


So, as expected, Putin won the election. He delivered a very emotional speech in the middle of Red Square, in front of 100,000 supporters. We Are Development was present indeed. Now, the whole country is waiting to hear of the presidential programs.

After a long rally at Red Square, we completed our night at a tourist hot spot for dinner.

Moscow is a huge city and it’s going to take us a while to discover it to the fullest. All in all , our first day in Russia was good; it is an interesting time in the country – the spirits are high and the economy is booming! Unfortunately, this is not felt by everyone. Income disparity is evident on the streets. We hope to see more and learn more about the drivers of this emerging country.

Tomorrow, we will meet a representative of Cartier in Russia to get an inside look on the Russian luxury industry. In the afternoon, we plan to visit the offices of the Association of European Businesses, a lobby group for FDI in Russia. We’ll keep you updated.


The Biz Dev team



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