Michelin in Russia

GGSB students have been welcomed today at the Marriott Hotel by Michelin. The Russian branch of the French company presented their operations and more specifically the opportunities that the agricultural tyre market offers in Russia. Michelin has been present in Russia for more than a hundred years, and currently holds about 11% of market share. However, the company is starting to enter the agricultural tyre market. Contrarily to yesterday afternoon’s meeting with the Association of European Businesses, we learned that the overall agricultural sector in still not fully developed and has space for future growth. Agriculture is currently almost only implemented in the western part of the country, offering opportunities in the southern and eastern territories. That is why Michelin considers Russia as a high potential market, especially for agricultural tyres.

The presentation was then followed by a buffet, still at the Marriott Hotel (hmmm…that’s right). After this quick lunch, the GGSB students were free to work on their Live Business Case projects during the afternoon. The class is indeed divided into groups that work for a specific company to help enter or expand into the Russian market. This afternoon was thus dedicated to spend time on these projects.

The group then enjoyed for the last time the Russian capital. We will indeed leave to Yekaterinburg tomorrow morning in order to discover the opportunities of business in the Ural region, mostly known for its cold weather. Let’s hope that the cold will not stop us from updating the blog!

See you tomorrow

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