Brazil – ‘so much to say yet speechless’




Landing in Brazil

It was the trip of a lifetime.

From the airplane, the first glimpse we got of Rio was the silhouettes of small islands. Once we flew over them and approached the landing strip, the image of  lights of a thousand cars stuck in traffic jam could be seen which created the image of a beautifully woven gold and ruby necklace from a distance.

The sights in the following days took our breaths away and transported us to another world altogether. Everything about the city brought in us, a sense of serenity. The happy-go-lucky spirit of the Brazilians. The beaches. The flora and fauna. The food and drinks. Even the air we breathed. We didn’t feel like tourists and that was one of the best things of being in Brazil.

The verdict: Brazil – ‘virgin beauty’.

Helping Hand by a GGSB Alumnus


Victor Mazzini


Victor Mazzini – a former student of GGSB,  was our amazing guide during our time in Brazil. Victor was more than willing to give us interesting insight into his city – Rio de Janeiro. Thanks to him: the do’s and don’ts of being in Rio, the best party places and the significance of the number ‘8’ were discovered. Victor had come to receive us at the airport and was instantly liked due to his quick wit, constant energy and involvement.


Credits: Lakshmi Nair

(The Biz Dev Blog Team)

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