Visit to Zazcar

Sao Paulo is the financial capital of Brazil, it is more commercialized than Rio. There are skyscrapers scattered all over the city and it is a stark contrast to the touristic city of Rio.

It was dismal to see a cloud of grey over the city due to the pollution. Being the 3rd largest city in the world, Sao Paulo has a fleet of 6 million cars, again, one of the largest in the world. Due to this, Sao Paulo suffers from chronic congestion on its main routes. One of the reasons why Zazcar was founded was to address the serious problems of congestion and pollution in Sao Paulo.


Our visit to Zazcar company was interesting in many ways. Firstly, it was a start-up company that was founded by three brothers in 2009. They attributed their story of success to being innovative and changing at the right time. Zazcar is a car-sharing company in Brazil and their advantage is that they are the first entrants in this business and the only car-sharing company in Brazil. The business model of the company is quite simple and common in North America and Europe: the customers can get the benefits of a private car without having to bear the costs and responsibilities of buying and maintaining a car. Zazcar offers this service not only to individuals but also to companies and they a have a fleet of 60 different models to cater to different needs of the customers. A brief presentation by the founder and CEO, Mr. Felipe Barrosso, left us in inspiration. The attention to details that has to be taken care of in a startup was clearly illustrated by Mr. Felipe when he told us about the research that he had done prior to starting his business.

The company presentation was complimented by Mr. Felipe Portugal, the Marketing Head of Zazcar who was an ex-employee of Google. His enthusiasm in his work was evident with the way he conducted the presentation. Articulating his points well and with the help of effective analysis charts, he talked us through the improved social media marketing strategies that he had put in place, when he thought that the company was not doing well on the social media front. His pro-activeness was contagious and it gave us some good insight into digital marketing. Coincidentally, digital marketing was one of our course subjects that we enjoyed the most and we were only more than happy to see the practical aspects of it in Zazcar!

The Q&A session was very interactive. We got a different insight into managing start-ups right from the conception to the growth stages which Zazcar is experiencing.

The Biz Dev Blog Team

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