Video: “An innovator is one who does not know it cannot be done.” – R.A. Mashelkar

Ghandinian Innovation or Frugal Innovation guru R.A. Mashelkar presents a talk on TED on three ultra-low-cost designs from India that brought high-end products to the availability of the masses. Society is in dire need of such business development practices. This “convex lens leadership” vision could be implemented on a global scale if labor costs are kept low and the work environment is modernized and promotes ingenuity.

Tata Nano: Setting itself, but not the markets, alight

Tata Nano, the cheapest car in the world, was supposed to take the world by storm but it has not lived up to the expectations because of a plethora of reasons. In this article, I would try to conduct an autopsy to unearth the reasons behind the failure and possible solutions.
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Uncle Sam’s Old Grudge

Decades have passed since the infamous Cuban crisis nearly sent nations into oblivion. Decades have also passed since the death of the Iron Curtain was portrayed with fall of the Berlin Wall. Tensions have died down, people have been reunited and yet, one can still find a Cold War-era law in the USA’s legal system upheld to retaliate against a ghost, a Communist Soviet Union. Continue reading

Can Companies Deal with Differences in Consumer Behavior?

Multinational companies (MNC’s), depending on the type of product or service they offer, should adopt a marketing mix strategy that respects the consumer behavior within the market they wish to enter. Ignoring the aforementioned differences, making the assumption that consumers will behave the same way across different markets will invariably lead to a commercial failure. We have all seen examples of products/services that have failed because of that single reason. Continue reading

Why Some European Discounters Enter Emerging Markets – and Others Do Not

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Discounters are companies, whose strategic target dimensions are price leadership and cost advantages. This can be realized through simplicity and a high level of standardisation in the stores, a limited product line and private brands goods that focus on basic needs and high purchasing volumes. Incontestably, the food industry and the home furnishing industry can be identified as selling goods with a focus on basic needs. Therefore, it is not surprising that the strategic approaches of some of the most successful retailers in these two industries can be identified with a discounter philosophy to a certain extend. The global marketing strategy however, can be different. Continue reading

A fresh & juicy BooOoomerang

Product launch in emerging markets

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Have you ever drunk a fresh and tasty fruit drink from “Our Juice”, one of the brands of the company Vitmarks? What about “Minute Maid” then? No grudge born. Dear reader, you probably do not know that the first company quoted which only operates in the developing world, mostly domestically in Ukraine whereas Minute Maid is one of the leading juice manufacturers, with powerful resources at hand. This article will depict how the developing world is now the place to be in order to develop innovative solutions, responding to both the world’s needs through a “boomerang effect”. This effect will be emphasised thanks to two companies that upon closer analysis. Continue reading