[Special] Realism v Liberalism – A Persistent Conflict in International Politics

There are two conflicting schools of thought that still play a leading role in today´s debates about international politics – Realism and Liberalism. In order to understand and discuss them, the term international politics has to be defined and the origin of these two views has to be illustrated. Continue reading

This Must be Africa

With investment levels surpassing $120 billion last year alone, Chinese companies have been increasing their business activities in Africa over the last decade (see graph below). All in all, their involvements have done more to fight poverty than any other country in the world by speeding up economic growth and producing jobs. However in the past few years, Africans have started contemplating whether there is a hidden agenda underneath all the investments. Are all the investments just modern colonisation? And why are Western businesses not as eager to enter the African markets? This article will uncover some factors that determine why Chinese investors find Africa so much more attractive than their Western counterparts. Continue reading

Uncle Sam’s Old Grudge

Decades have passed since the infamous Cuban crisis nearly sent nations into oblivion. Decades have also passed since the death of the Iron Curtain was portrayed with fall of the Berlin Wall. Tensions have died down, people have been reunited and yet, one can still find a Cold War-era law in the USA’s legal system upheld to retaliate against a ghost, a Communist Soviet Union. Continue reading

The Real Drive Behind China’s Attempts to Bailout Europe

Written by Guest Author Yehya El Oueini

This article seeks to understand the real reason behind China’s attempts to bail Europe out from its current debt crisis. Firstly; the article will show the different investments and business development decisions recently made by China in different European economies. Secondly it will highlight how China is directly affected by the current euro crisis. Finally, it will reach a conclusion regarding the real drive of China today in bailing out Europe. Continue reading