Getting a Job in France

While I am getting closer to get my Masters Degree in Grenoble Graduate School of Business, I am becoming more focused on finding a Job. Due to lack of opportunities and expertise in my country of origin, Lebanon, my aim is turning towards European countries, France specifically. This is because, firstly I speak the language and secondly, it’s the land of multinationals!
In this paper I will try to identify and calculate the likelihood, or the probability, for me to get a job in France. The number I will come up with in the end is not based on true facts; it only takes into consideration assumptions that I will personally consider throughout the Process. Continue reading

GENERATION Y – How Digital Natives Challenge Their Future Employers

In the upcoming years more and more students will graduate from university which have never known a world without the internet. This generation –my generation- which is commonly referred to as the ‘Digital Natives’, ‘Millennials’ or ‘Generation Y’ appear to perceive the world from a completely different angle. Since many of them experienced technology from their very early childhood as an integral part of their lives, we apparently approach digital communication, consumption, learning and working very differently. Continue reading