Danone Asia

danon-sticker; retrieved from http://www.sostav.ru/publication/danone-i-damate-sozdayut-sp-6548.html


During the first day of our residency trip, we have visited Danone Asia, world leading French food-products Corporation with four main businesses – fresh dairy products, waters, baby nutrition and medical nutrition.

Our Business Development class has interviewed Laurence Tournerie, General Manager for Dumex Brand in Asia.  She explained that, contrary to the European market, dairy products’ business unit is not major in Asia, regarding the fact that people in such countries as Indonesia or China are not used to drink yogurts on the dairy basis.

Laurence Tournerie suggested that the best way to succeed in Asia is to keep in mind that the developing countries have a tendency to be more optimistic, so the brand has to bring a part of dream and a service the customer are aspiring to. The speed of development is so fast that the company has to stay flexible and pragmatic.

To succeed oversee, Danone stays consistent through its vision statement “Bringing health through food to as many people as possible” and continues to adapt its business model by creating joint ventures.

Danone’s main market in Asia is China that represents 6 percent contribution to 2012 sales of the company.

In water and baby nutrition businesses, Danone is growing fast with two main brands – Mizone and Dumex. Dumex is a milk powder coming from Denmark and targeting Asia from almost 20 years.  When we met  R&D director of Danone Asia, Pui Kuun, she has explained the importance of the composition of the powder for the health of the children which does not replace the mother’s milk, but is a complement. The brand awareness of Dumex has been made thought a new programme called “The First 1000 days”. In 2013 Danone launched the programme of services and information to ensure that mothers are aware of the specific nutritional requirements during the first 1000 days of child’s life.

To conclude, the company visit to Danona Singapore was really interesting as we were able to ask our questions about the success of Danone Asia from different angles and discuss the future of French brand expanding in Asian region. Moreover, the R&D center was a good way to open our mind to something different and technical.




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