Google: a unique experience?


Google is not only a company to work for because of its success and size. It is also because of the working environment. Everyone read somewhere that being an employee at Google is not the same as being an employee in another company, no matter which one you put against. Thus, when our class went to visit the offices in  Singapore, we were not only curious about the presentation that a former GGSB student, Fouad Howayek (Business Development Manager in Google Singapore),  was going to give us, but also about finding out what makes this company different, and if all the rumors that we heard about were true. To be honest, the expectations were the same as the ones you have just before passing Disneyland’s gate. And we were not disappointed, that is for sure.

In fact, everything is the offices is made and built in order to make the employee as comfortable as possible. First of all, the Company tries to give back to their employees and grant them small gifts that make them feel that they are working for the best company ever. It was shown by Fouad, who was playing a true or false game with us during the presentation on facts that Google does for their employees. It was very interesting to know that every employee gets a free massage on his birthday, or that Google organizes private concerts in the offices, parties every Friday etc…Google believes that its employees work better when they do not lack anything and when their minds are not troubled. And it really is the case. There is a “green” room, extremely quiet and full of plants for people who want to work in a quiet and relaxed environment (almost feels as if you were working sitting in a vast and empty grassland. There are different corners and rooms with different designs for people to sit and work, sofas, tables. But we wanted to see if it was true that employees had access to video games, ping pong tables, arcades, etc…And it was true! There are game rooms where employees can come and play whenever they feel like it, or even watch movies in the mini cinema room, even with their managers.  And among all those, there are sleeping pods where employees can sleep if they are too tired, without being bothered. Last but not the least, and actually the most impressive aspects of all, employees have a constant access to food. Everything is done in order to have food located at no more than 100 meters from an employee, wherever in the office he might be; and greatly diversified food, to meet all cultures’ demands. This is done in order to avoid employees leaving to buy food or not focusing because they are hungry, and it is brilliant!

However, although looking like Disneyland, this environment is provided for employees in order for them to have no excuses for deliver bad results. The company focuses on results, and not on how they are reached. You are given a project for a certain amount of time, and it is your job to manage it the way you want and deliver good results. Moreover, the company preaches entrepreneurship by allowing every employee to work on a personal project once in a year.

Visiting those offices was looking to be a very exciting moment, and it was.


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