A networking event, at the heart of Seoul


Business is not only about organisational performance, market strategy and bottom line. It is also about getting to know new people that can help your business grow or help you tackle problems that your organizations does not have the capabilities to do so. The whole purpose of the trip to South Korea organized by our Program Director was not only to learn about new companies and how they do business or about the business culture of South Korea. We were there to meet new people and learn from their experience, an IMG_6380experience that we could later apply on our own pathway to success.

 For this our Program Director Marie France has organised an unforgettable event, an evening “Networking Event at BARN Lounge” in Seoul, South Korea where we had the opportunity to meet a variety of new people from different countries and also GGSB alumni that told us about how they became successful and what part of the Master helped them more to achieve their objective.

The event took place at Barn Lounge in an informal environment in a very cozy and relaxed atmosphere where we were offered food and drinks the whole evening, placing usvf networking event in a great environment for us to socialize, set the base for new friendships and even potentially get a new career opportunity. This unique environment gave us the opportunity to meet and become more personal with a variety of individuals from the French Chamber of Commerce, German Embassy and even some high profile guests of our Program Director that she has invited specially for us to meet at this great event.

The evening ended in a pleasant atmosphere and with a great sense for everyone that we have all learned something valuable from each other, both the Business Development Intake 6 students and the guests. It gave us the sense that we are truly an international family and that wherever we go and our career takes us we will always be a family.

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