Amore Pacific, a true heritage Asian beauty company

amorepacific During the third day of our trip, we had the opportunity to visit the one of the 3 factories of Amore Pacific in South Korea. It is the leading cosmetic company in this country and definitely one of the most inspiring firms we have ever seen.

In a country were beauty can be seen in every corner and with around 40% of the Market Share, Amore Pacific was founded in 1945 by Mr. Suh Seong-hwan who combined under the same vision the concepts of Nature, Harmony, Innovation, Beauty and Health. It owes its fast expansion to a door to door channel that employees hqks_14hundreds of widows and to the fact that they were pioneers in the market.

Nowadays, Amore Pacific operates in two business divisions: Cosmetics and Mass Cosmetics – Suclloc. In Europe, they might be more recognized thanks to the fragrance Lolita Lempicka, which the company acquired several years ago. But in Asia, they are widely known as they have a strong presence in China, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Hence, they are addressing all their efforts to become the market leader in this Region.IMG_6304

After our arrival, we were divided into two groups… 33 people are not that easy to handle. With the tour they gave us, we had the opportunity to visit the amazing garden and walk around the main building. We saw different herbs that are difficult to name, but among those easy to remember, there were loquats, camellias, aloe Vera. All of them were the ingredients that the company uses for the skincare products, and this is exactly one of the main differentiators with other cosmetic products: Amore Pacific has a very strong connection with nature and everything goes around their philosophy to link inner beauty with outer beauty.

The rest of the tour at Amore Pacific was like a magic show. At the end, we could watch a movie about the origin of this brand, which was definitely very touching. Many of us shed tears for the genuine love from mothers. All the emotions and senses were involved as we really felt connected with the brand. Moreover, over the movie we learned how this brand was created and developed over time. It was interesting the way they were able to build a story and communicate it such in such a magical way.

Later on, we had the opportunity to look closer their production line. We were definitely impressed by the size and very happy to be in the place where famous brands, such as Laneige, Hera, Sulwhasoo, are produced. Afterwards, we were able to see these products in every shop we went.

Throughout the visit we were told a story and we were able to discover the South Korean culture and its perfectionism through the eyes of one of its most emblematic companies. The cautious attention to details noticed in every step of our visit, made this experience very interesting as it was full of magic and inspiration. Finally, we were able to ask many StoryGarden1questions about their strategies and expansion plans, and at the same time, many of us had already ideas of where to develop the business for Amore Pacific.

We left Amore Pacific with a sunrise in our faces and a nice feeling.

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