“Asiance”, a Marketing Leader in South Korea and a Visionary Entrepreneur

fb-shareOn 13th of March on a Friday afternoon the Business Development Intake 6 had the opportunity to discover one of the fastest growing and most fascinating companies in the Online Marketing industry.

We had the great opportunity thanks to our Program Director who arranged the company presentation, to meet Mr. Olivier Mouroux, the CEO and Co-founder of Asiance. Throughout the presentation he exposed us to the numerous clients that he worked with and delivered services and solutions and how he overcame the challenges and the issues in his fast growing company.

Founded in 2004 by Mr. Olivier Mouroux, a high-flyer entrepreneur and Alexandre Lebrun, Asiance is a company based in Seoul, South Korea a large business hub in Northeast Asia and home to the fastest growing and world’s most developed IT industry. Which is an environment that proves according to Mr. Mouroux challenging both in terms of competition and business culture. The company offers to its global clients interactive marketing services that are tailored to answer the specific requirements of Asia’s online markets. With 40 employees and over 85% of them foreigners allowing the company to tackle a variety of companies worldwide. Among other services, the comIMG_6537pany also offers consulting and User Experience Platforms. Clients of Asiance include famous brands such as Air France, Gucci, Lacoste, Christian Dior and Bulgari to name a few. While walking towards the presentation room we could feel that people genuinely enjoyed the ir work and that they had a sense of belonging. We actually talked to several employees and the passion with which they talked about the company and the projects that they currently work on really made us eager to learn more about this great company.

 But what made this company visit truly unique was the passion and energy that Mr. Mouroux has expressed throughout the presentation.

 What we as future professionals took away from this great company Leader was that passion and dedication go almost hand in hand with success and that there will always be difficulties along the way but it is up to us to choose which attitude to take in order to tackle them. This was a great lesson for all of us who want to become an Entrepreneur, which is that there is no exact recipe on how to build a company or how to become successful. It is a matter of choice and of people. Interestingly, what we always read in the books about Entrepreneurship was not at all what we heard in Mr. Mouroux’s engaging and fascinating presentation. We expected to hear about Business Plans, Financial Projections and above all, high skills in pitching investors for capital. Instead, to our surprise, Mr. Mouroux talked more about the people around him, the people that work with him, the family, the friends, the relatives, the University colleagues etc. It was about people he said, passion, dedication and hard work. This was for him the recipe for success.

 We all felt greatly inspired and full of energy and motivation eager to go out into the world and start creating our own recipe of success with the base of the great knowledge and experience we all gathered in our Master Program.

At the end of the presentation we took a photo on the roof of Asiance HQ office with a beautiful view on Seoul. The Business Development students were smiling and were thinking about their own entrepreneurial ideas together with Mr. Mouroux who was smiling and foreseeing an even brighter future for his company.

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