Apple: Failure or Success?

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iPad’s Brief Marketing Strategy 

The Apple Newton, PDA and Netbooks are examples of how hard it is to introduce a new product to the market. On April 3, 2010, and in the midst of the US recession, Apple announced the introduction of the iPad, and due to its innovative approach, Apple held the upper hand in this market until a new competing product appeared the block.

Even if the research is done properly, there is a high chance that the introduced product will negatively impact your investment because late movers into the technology could copy the product features. After the iPad’s release many other competitors released their own tablets with Motorola being the main competitor with the launch of the Xoom in February 2001. However, Apple had already created a buzz about the iPad 2 to be released in the first quarter of 2011 and by doing so, was able to effectively manipulate customers to remain loyal to their products. Customers were not willing to spend money on a product, the Xoom, that was soon to be outdated by the upgraded Apple version and when the iPad 2 was finally released, the Xoom was no longer the novel product. Continue reading

Tablet Wars

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In order to make a relevant comparison between two very similar products, and regarding all the recent controversies between Apple and Samsung, I have chosen to talk about the two latest tablets launched by both competitors.

I have chosen to talk about the iPad2 which has been well received by consumers; and compare this product’s sales performance with that of the Samsung galaxy tab 10.1.

Before we start to study the details of each company and their respective product on the market, it is important to identify that both products are technologically similar. This means that theoretically, if these two products were given to a user without any context and environment, this user could get the same satisfaction from either product. It seems evident that the iPad2 has over performed in comparison to Samsung’s tablet. The aim is to understand firstly, why the iPad2 has had so much success in the current market; and secondly, why the galaxy tab, a similar product, has been so commercially dismal. Continue reading