Business Opportunities in the Event’s Industry


Author and Contributor

Ana Cristina Rivas Ruiz’Castilla

The events industry is a very dynamic and evolving business that is on the rise. I’ve always liked wedding planning specifically and what goes around planning such an emotional and mile stone event; hence when I decided to study Sports/Events/Entertainment Management I discovered a new world in this industry. Continue reading

Coca-Cola’s jump into the milk market


By Author and Contributor

Jascha Romanski

The demand for sweetened soft drinks is steadily decreasing. Therefore, soft drinks companies have to come up with something new. While Pepsi is very successful in selling snacks, Coca Cola ventures into uncharted territory: milk. Continue reading

Everybody can make a sandwich – The question is just how you do it!

The Subway brand, with its innovative service approach, crafty pricing strategy and delicious meals, has in the last years grown massively; not only in reputation but the chain has also surpassed McDonald’s in having more restaurants worldwide. The chain works with the discipline of operational excellence and has a creative and extraordinary business idea that just amazes me and has really changed my perception of the fast food industry. There are so many fast food chains out there today that are incredible in the way they do business; being innovative seeking to get their customers to buy more and more from them; but Subway, according to many, takes the standard of the fast food industry to other levels and is in a class of its own.

If you think about it, the Subway sandwiches and menu’s are not particularly cheap, and the restaurants does not provide an upscale, chic environment that could please a huge crowd like many of the other popular fast food chains. Yet they always somehow provide a sense of personalisation, belonging and a feeling that they listen and indeed, actually care about what you have to say; all this while being very productive with handling customer requests at the same time. Continue reading