The outcomes of the “fight” between Taobao and SAIC


By Author and Contributor

Shasha Zhang

After one-week lasted ‘fight’ between State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) and Taobao (the largest e-commerce platform in China), the event finally walked into the “shake hands” stage. However, this heating debated event indeed led to some significant consequence both for SAIC and Alibaba. Continue reading

Zalando – A CRM Success Story

Zalando GmbH, was founded by David Schneider, and Robert Gentz, in 2008. The company engages in the online retail of apparel and shoes and is based in Berlin, Germany.  It is one of the most conspicuous and likewise mysterious start-ups in Germany.

Founded only three years ago, Zalando has become the market leader, mainly due to operational excellence; and partly thanks to fancy television advertising in the online shoe retail market. Revenues in 2010 were 160 Million Euros and are expected to increase at least threefold in 2011.

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