Lessons learned from GoPro

GoPro is a great example of how a small company, devoting themselves to product development, can outperform bigger players in the market by competing on different terms.                                                    

GoPro is the world’s leading activity image capture company. The company’s reason for being is “to make it easy for people to capture their lives most exciting moments” as the founder, Nick Woodman puts it himself.  After a surf trip in 2002 he started to develop a camera which let amateurs capture themselves with the same angles and quality that professional photographers were able to; hence the name GoPro. The first version of a GoPro camera was launched in 2004, and since then a lot has happened. At the moment, the product is the highest selling wearable HD camera in the world, and my question is: “how could a small company become the market leader when there was already existing cameras produced by technologically resourceful companies?”
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