A Success and a Failure in the Smartphone Industry

Photo by Phil Roeder 

An overview of the markets in the last five years shows that the high-tech companies were getting the biggest part of the cake and they were realising enormous profits. Whilst all big firms were suffering due to the last financial crisis and lack of demand, Software corporations like Apple and Microsoft kept on performing and maintaining growth. In this paper I will highlight two products that were launched last year in 2010. The iPhone 4 , a great, new success for Apple and the Kin Smartphone  from Microsoft that was discontinued just six weeks after its launching; no doubt analysts did not consider it a surprise failure! It is useful to mention that Microsoft and Apple, considered the best two software companies in the world, have access to the same market, same labor, same minds and same technologies; and both are multi billionaires companies. Therefore we should ask why Apple’s products vastly outperform by far Microsoft’s products; and why the iPhone 4 was a real success while the Kin Smartphone couldn’t even survive for more than six weeks. Continue reading