Is BP an ethical company?

Using Ethical Theories, To What extent Does BP plc Act Ethically To All Of Its Stakeholders? And To What Extent Is Its Corporate Social Responsibility Image Consistent With Its Practises?

BP plc is one of the largest Oil and Alternative Energy companies in the world. It has set confident and meaningful targets with regard to reducing its CO2 emissions and development of alternative sources of energy such as solar power. However, in recent years BP’s environmental image has been tarnished. However, whether BP has acted unethically is certainly ambiguous, indeed, to define ‘ethics’ is itself problematical. Thus, to look at BP’s business practises from contrasting theoretical stand points allows for juxtaposing arguments over the ethics of its business practices. Within the normative ethical theories, the traditional theories of Consequentialist ‘Utilitarianism’ and the Non-Consequetialist ‘Ethics of Duties’ are exemplary theories to demonstrate the contrasting nature of business ethics and to identify whether BP acts as a an ethical MNC or a ethically vacant imposter.

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